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Life is a rollercoaster!

June 15th, 2008

At the risk of sounding like a real Calamity Jane I just wanted to post that due to my daughter being in hospital since Friday (emergency appendectemy) I may be running a bit late in a few things such as responding to emails/posting proof books etc.

I should be back to work by Wednesday at the latest but if anyone has any questions or concerns in the meantime please feel free to give me a ring on 086 8038034.

Thank you so much…

June 5th, 2008

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to all of my clients who have sent me messages about Trent. Most of the messages have come from former wedding couples’ and their families who had Trent at their wedding with me. So many have commented on how fun he was to have around on the day and how relaxed he made everyone feel- maybe it was the backwards sunglasses on the back of his head!

Although it was never Trent’s ambition to be a wedding photographer, his heart was set on be a photojournalist, he approached each wedding with a great enthusiasm and sense of excitement- much the same way he approached life in general. We had tons of fun together on the day and I was always thankful for having such a consumate professional and all around great person at my side. We always stopped for breakfast on the way and dinner afterwards- we often joked that I spent far more time with him than I did with me husband! He was like a brother to me and truly part of my family. He gave us two apple trees for Christmas in 2006 and I will always treasure them as they grow in my front garden.

The messages I have recieved have really warmed my heart and I plan on printing them all to send to his family in New Zealand. As sad as I am without him in our lives I can not begin to imagine what they are going through and I hope that your messages will show them how much joy he spread around him so far away over here and that is some consolation to them.

Thank you again, I feel so privileged to work with such wonderful and caring clients.

A fitting tribute for our friend Trent Keegan

June 4th, 2008

Last night at sunset friends gathered to say goodbye to a truly unique person, Trent Keegan. Some had known Trent for years, some had known him only fleetingly as he photographed them at an event but all were moved to come out and pay tribute to the man who has been described as a gentle giant and a ray of sunshine. As the sun went down on galway bay we all said goodbye in our own way and tried to come to terms with the loss of such a good person. He will be missed in so many corners of the world but his spirit will live on all of our hearts.

All of my love and prayers go out to his parents, Trish and Mike, his sister Nicki and brother in law Scott.


Many people offered to help in any way they could- Martin and Debbie of Davitt Photo in Salthill printed the photos of Trent, Mark and Sandra of The Framing Loft in Terryland framed them and Shirly at Branch Flowers supplied the beautiful flowers. Gary Loughlin filmed the ceremony so that Trent’s friends and family will be able to view it in New Zealand. Dave from Delight (I’m sorry Dave- that is actually the only name I know for you- I don’t know your surname!) made trays of Trent’s favourite sandwhiches and chocolate covered strawberry’s for everyone after the ceremony. The two photos were taken by me, one in Ashford Castle after a wedding and the second in the field behind my house after a photoshoot that Trent helped me with. The nuts and bolts of the organisation were carried out by two of Trent’s good friends in Galway, Avril Horan and Caitlin O’Hanlon.
It says a lot about Trent that so many people were so eager to contribute in some way to pay their respects.


The Reverend Patrick Towers spoke movingly of Trents life.


Journalist and good friend of Trent’s Jim Gallagher read out messages from Trent’s parents, Trish and Mike.


Tenor Frank Naughton began the ceremony with Nella Fantasia and concluded it with Danny Boy- a beautiful moment that will long be remembered by all who were present.

After the ceremony concluded there was a get together back in Massimos- one of Trent’s favourite pubs. There we all reminisced, told stories and through the tears and laughter we remembered the wonderful but too brief time we spent with our dear friend, Trent.

Many of these were raised in his honour- he would have had it no other way…


We will all be thinking of Trent’s family and friends in New Zealand on Saturday as they say farewell to him.